GamesOS Blackjack Application

GamesOS, formerly known as CTXM, has garnered prominence as a developer of social games. This includes Slots Farm, which is one of Facebook’s most popular activities.

In addition to their expertise in social gaming, GamesOS also develops real-money titles for online casinos. Their blackjack assortment is notable due to the variety of variations available.

Does the standard of GamesOS’ blackjack match the grade of their Facebook games?

Find out as we discuss the blackjack variants offered by GamesOS, including their graphics, table layout, wagering options, return to player percentage, and strategy.

In addition, we will discuss where you can find these titles, the company’s reputation, including one scandal, and whether you should play or avoid GamesOS.

Aspects of GamesOS Blackjack that are Common

Seven Games
The fact that this provider offers seven blackjack variations is a distinct advantage.
These include standard blackjack, progressive blackjack, blackjack surrender, blackjack switch, Face Up 21, pontoon, and Spanish 21.

You will not be disappointed with GamesOS’s variety, as all of these titles are quite distinct from one another.

Visual Displays

One unusual thing we discovered is that Spanish 21 features its own unique design and table style, while the other 6 games have a different appearance. From a graphical standpoint, the following highlights distinguish both versions:

Spanish 21 Images
This game’s genuine appearance will make you feel more like you’re at a real casino table. The wooden table’s edge and cup receptacles are exquisitely detailed, while the felt’s shading and color are lifelike. The only complaint we have is that the foreground and background are extremely dim. The latter is problematic because your wagering options are difficult to discern.

Diverse Games
The wood trim, felt, and background fragments lack the quality and attention to detail of Spanish 21. The good news is that these tables are better illuminated, so you will have no trouble seeing token denominations and wagering options.

Table Format

In addition, the table layout for Spanish 21 and other games is quite distinct. Listed below are the differences:

Spanish 21 Design
This table features a straightforward configuration, with coins and hand options displayed side-by-side at the bottom of the screen. This is followed by five wagering circles where you can put wagers and play hands. You’ll also observe special rewards inscribed on the left and right sides and regulations noted at the top. Our complaint is that the text on the payments is too small, and you must zoom in to see everything.

Other Games Design
This layout is not as neat because poker chips are scattered along the lower right side. However, the table is decent enough that you will have no difficulty playing. Note that there are only three wagering spaces in this layout, as opposed to five in Spanish 21.






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