ALL of my MLM programs are stalled and out of commission due to NO ACCESS to my PAYZA funds!!!! For full information as to what's going on, please see below. I am sorry for these issues, but this is totally out of my hands. Many online programs operating from the US are suffering and shutting down due to accounts being frozen.

Payza and Solid Trust Pay Issues Pushing Many Online Programs Out Of Business!

As many of you know recently our Payza funds were frozen. We do not have access to any of this money. It seems that the US Government has seized Payza funds held by Obopay and there is a pending investigation.

In addition to this problem Solid Trust Pay has had a licensing issue with the state that we reside in for 2 years now. Our account has limitations and it is probable that they too will see the same issues Payza is having very soon.

Refunds - many will insist on refunds. With the funds being frozen, this is not an option. They will not allow me to touch them. One good thing about my quick daily payouts, anyone that earned commissions with most of my programs, have ALWAYS received them with in a day or two. So it's not like I owed out $1000s or anything, but if you are new to a program, and just paid for something, I can not refund as the funds are frozen. Please remember that with ALL of my programs, when joining, everyone agrees to a no refund policy in our terms.

Again, if you have a complaint, please direct them to the cause here: PAYZA! Emailing me complaining will not accomplish anything. All it will accomplish is making me feel worse then I already do. I can not change anything, I can not fix anything.

We have filed all the proper forms and communicated with whom we needed to hopefully be able to one day recover these lost funds but very doubtful that this will happen.

Due to the above explained issues and the very shaky future of all online payment processors I have made the decision to relinquish program ownership and return to affiliate marketing as my income source. As always I am being totally open, honest, transparent, and trying to keep everyone informed. Instead of just shutting it all down, vanishing and taking the easy path like so many others are doing, I am trying to stay alive here and keep going what I can.

Most will understand, some will not, but please take into consideration the years of effort, money, honesty, and quick support that I have given everyone. Where you may be out a few weeks promoting and a few bucks for membership, I am out YEARS of hard work, thousands of dollars in scripts, programmers, etc. etc. As I stated above, one good thing with my programs is that I really did not owe that much out in commissions to members. If someone earned and requested commissions, they were always paid within a day or two.

I do feel very badly of course about the programs closing! People spent their hard earned money on things, and now they are gone. Again, please understand that this is all due to Payza freezing my funds. I had no plans of this happening, none of us did! I depended mostly on Payza for all my programs, and trusted them with my family's income! Now it's all gone!

I CAN NOT refund anything. My Pazya funds are frozen which includes refunding. My STP account is empty due to the run on funds (people paying with Payza, and then requesting payouts through STP) Everyone of my program's terms, the join page, and the FAQ pages all clearly stated the program or service was on an "as available" basis, and that no refunds could be made after purchasing.

Most of you understand that working online is fun, yet risky. We must all accept the ups and the downs as affiliate marketing moves through different stages of time, and I appreciate the understanding emails, and the encouragement to push forward.

Terry Burns

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